“Why do we need a state organization, anyway?”

To produce and attract larger coin shows in more areas of the state.
To facilitate communication and cooperation between clubs across the state.
To provide publicity statewide for member clubs.
To provide educational opportunities for individual and club members.
The state is divided into four regions to assure that regional issues and viewpoints are represented by members of the Board.
“Region I” (Northwest) - e.g., Toledo, Defiance, Tiffin, Norwalk, Fostoria
“Region II” (Northeast) - e.g., Metro Cleveland, Wooster, Orrville, Youngstown
“Region III” (West / Southwest) - e.g., Cincinnati, Dayton, Xenia, Sidney, Springfield
“Region IV” (Central / Southeast) - e.g., Columbus, Mansfield, Mount Vernon, New Philadelphia, Steubenville
The Board of Governors...
Composed of Governors from each of the the four geographic regions of the state plus the four Officers of the organization for a total board membership of fifteen.
The President presides and only votes when it is necessary to break tie votes.
Governors initially serve in three “classes” with terms of  1, 2, and 3 years. Thereafter, Governors serve three year terms.
Member Clubs from Regions I, III, and IV have three persons to serve as Governors from their region. (total of nine)
 Member Clubs from Region II have six persons to serve as Governors from their region. This larger number is due to the larger number of clubs in the northeast quadrant of the state.
OSNA is fully operational with a functional Board of Governors and bylaws that started on December 31, 2001.