From 1930 to 1995 the Society of Medalists provided two medals a year is an effort to encourage artists as well as make their productions offered to the public. A total amount of 129 medals were provided; 135 if one takes into consideration the 6 medals provided with Concern # 128. Numerous coin developers added to the series, consisting of Laura Gardin Fraser, winner of the unfortunate Washington quarter layout competition; Hermon A. MacNeil, designer of the Standing Liberty quarter; and John Flanagan, whose layout actually shows up on the Washington quarter

In the 2nd part of his discussion, he’ll interview a few of our members concerning their lives and also accumulating passions. You all will certainly have to presume that might get talked to! As you might remember he did something such as this at a number of conferences a few years earlier as well as it was interesting to discover fascinating facts concerning our club members.

Slabbing was actually invented by the United States government. I bet you didn’t know that,” John Roberts said during his presentation on the General Services Administration (GSA) sales. 

Between October 1972 and July 1980 the GSA sold nearly 3 million uncirculated Carson City Morgan dollars and a scattering of other Morgan, Peace and Seated dollars that had been sitting in Treasury vaults for up to 100 years.